Please Care About the Air

Air quality is one of the most important factors of survival of all living being because without air as a species there would be no chance at survival. There are many terrible side effects that are not beneficial to the health of a human being that can be contributed to poor air quality. Air pollution from cars, buses, and motorcycles is one of the main contributing factors of poor air quality, but it is not limited to those factors alone with cigarettes and tobacco products being identified as another cause and many more. It has been found that air pollution has contributed to such ailments as lung disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s dementia just to name a few. Regulating the air has become of all time importance for the survival of mankind. The concern for the safety of the air that we breathe has led to such regulations state, federal, and nationwide as air quality and its control.

Air quality control consist of monitoring air pollution through various strategies and trying to reduce the pollution. The regulation and monitoring of air quality is orchestrated by a government agency, and air quality management systems are set in place for each region in each state throughout the country. The EPA which is an abbreviation for environmental protection agency is what the agency is called that manages air quality control. Moreover, their headquarters are based in Washington DC. One of the laws set in place to regulate air pollution is the clean air act. Clean air act Moreover, that is just to name one of many strategies implemented to attempt to rid the air of further pollution’s.

Air treatment in hazardous environments is very pivotal to those exposed. Therefore, taking the extra step to ensure that the air-quality in a highly hazardous environment is safe for a person to breath, businesses used catalytic and thermal oxidizers as filtration tools in air treatment machines. They are significant to the individual(s) subjected to or exposed to hazardous fumes that could cause potential illness and even death. With the filtration a certain percentage of VOC which is an abbreviation for volatile organic compound is processed through an air treatment machine and filter out of the air. These are more extreme measures but deemed necessary in situations that call for health and safety.

With the advancement of technology even as far as 100 years ago, pollution is much higher than it has ever been before. There are more health risks associated with the quality of the air that is ingested, and everyday measures taken by ordinary people can be a contribution to the betterment of an environment where everyone must cohabitate. With that being said, it would behoove any living being that is of conscious mind and body to take into consideration the air that is so vital to life. Not doing so could result in poor consequences for the future ahead. Contributing to the betterment of the quality of air today will ensure for longevity in life and a strong foundation for the future that is to come.