What to Explore Paris More than the City?

Besides visiting the famous monuments and other tourist places, there are a few more quirky activities that you can do in Paris.

Sewers of Paris

Spread across the length of approximately 2600km, this is the huge and highly modern sewers present in the entire world. It is mainly used for the collection and evacuation of waters that come from wastewater and rain of the Paris city. When you visit this place, you will learn how they were created, how they operate and how significant this underground net is.

Manoir de Paris

If you like horror and thrill, then you have come to the right place. Manoir de Paris lies in the tenth district where several legends of Paris actually become alive. This gives a really horrible site to watch. This place was opened for public in the year 2011, this haunted show has made a lot of victims. Terror and cold sweat wait for you. So, you need to be so brave. Come and face it with your friends and family.

Escape Game

If you like adventure, then you must enjoy this game. In this game a real plane is used. This plane has got seventy rooms in Paris. They have been located in the city for many years. Only Paris is the most suitable place to play this game because it has got plenty of rooms than any other place in the world. To best enjoy this game, you need to use your vigor, speed, dexterity and reasoning power. All this will be very much useful.

Flight Simulator

Many people since their childhood dream about becoming an airline pilot. If this is your dream, then you can easily fulfill it here in Paris. You don’t need to be a pilot to run a flight simulator. You will get a chance to pilot a real Boeing 737. In this type of simulation, you will act as the captain. You can select the destination and take a flight with a professional pilot.

Le Ballon de Paris / Ballon Generali

Have you ever got in a hot air balloon? If not, then you can get this unforgettable experience in Le Ballon de Paris. This place is situated in the Parc André Citroën. This hot air balloon will take you up to one hundred and fifty meters. At such height, you will get a breathtaking view of this incredible city.

Helicopter ride

Flying in a helicopter is another adventurous activity that you can easily do in Paris. Occupy a seat in it and it will fly above the city roofs and towards Versailles. This entire journey will provide a nice panoramic view of the capital. It will be dazzled to watch beautiful sceneries and panoramic views of this city with your eyes.


Catacombs is an underground place where the bones from Parisian cemeteries got transferred. It has around six million individuals who rest here. You will also find a few figures of the French Revolution that includes Robespierre, Danton, and Desmoulins.

Retro 2CV Car

The Deudeuche is a popular French car that takes you back in time. This is a popular legendary car that gives you an opportunity to travel through the Paris city.

A Romantic Carriage

Think of Disney princesses and princes going in the carriage. For a romantic and dreamy evening, nothing can be lovelier and more original than a carriage. It is one of those things that can realize your dream. http://www.tripindicator.com/paris-day-trips.html is one of the most credible one stop resource for all the information that you want to know about the Paris day tour.


These are some of the fabulous places that would make your trip a lot exciting and adventurous.